Wichita Parks

This is a nearly three year long journey. That sent my husband and I to visit every single Wichita city park. We saw and learned some pretty cool things. We originally posted them on facebook, but have converted them into a blog for all to see.

I think we were most suprised by all the parks offered. There are the usual jungle gyms, horse shoe pits and bike paths. But through the years city leaders have tried to create parks for everyone including horseback riders, BMX bikers, along with Remote Control tracks and airfields. As new parks are added or expanded we will try to visit them. You might also want to keep checking in with us as we will update the park information as more facts are discovered. We have also added a new section for a look at Wichita’s Aquatics Parks.

Who is A. Price Woodard and why is he important to our city?
We hit our first park in honor of another “Wichita first.”

If you want to skip to a specific park…

For a closer look at Wichita’s 18 Aquatic Parks.

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