Schell Park

April 1, 2020

#94 Schell Park – 1000 W 24th St N

Background. The land for the park was acquired in 1941. It is named after W.F. Schell, founder of Wichita Nurseries and two-term Park Commissioner​.

What we did: While strolling around the park, we could not help but notice, it’s sister park across the street has almost the exact same playground equipment. I think it would have been nice to have different equipment. But as long as the kids don’t seem to mind. I’m OK with it.

Speaking of these jungle gyms, it seems to me that many of them are made to make you dizzy. Which I used to love, now I get lightheaded if I stand up too fast from my desk.

In the TV business a story that is “evergreen” can be used at anytime over the course of a long period. I guess the same could be said about our next park.

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