Stryker Soccer Complex

December 26, 2020

#116 Stryker Soccer Complex – 2999 N Greenwich

Background: This land was donated to the city for development of a soccer complex. The efforts began after a 13-year-old soccer player named Tommy Peckham tragically fell out of a hotel window while his soccer team was competing in Europe in July 1995.

While the city still list this as a park, they turned over the operations and profits from the $22 million Stryker Sports Complex to a nearby sports business after assurances that the city’s biggest soccer league would be allowed to play there at least six days a year.

What we did: The fields are completely locked up. We drove around the property the best we could and I tried to take a few pictures through the fence. Maybe we can go back on a spring evening to see it all in action.

Not a traditional park, but the view of the river makes it worth exploring.

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