Oak Park

May 10, 2020

#106 Oak Park – 1100 W 11th St N

Background: Oak Park was purchased in 1922, and construction lasted into 1927.

The pond was designed by Lewis Clapp (1858-1934) who was the mayor of Wichita, the City Manager, and the President of the Park Board.

What we did: Saturday was the perfect spring day for a park visit. Oak park is mostly a disc park now, but a wooded area provided a nice reprieve from the surrounding city.

The park also offers some great photo spots, from the stone bridges to the river view.

As a kid, my mom was a girl scout leader, so I got dragged to brownie camp. The camp was known as Little House which was part of Riverside park and part of Oak Park.

I remember walking through the trees and coming out of the woods to see what they referred to as the “giant’s bathtub” If my memory serves me correct, (and as I get older, it seems to get less reliable) I think the lake is the bathtub.

From one of the city’s oldest parks… to one of it’s newest parks.

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