Sim Park

#34 Arthur B. Sim Memorial Park – 2020 W Murdock

Background: The park was acquired in 1917. The park is divided into two areas, a golf course, and a picnic area. We don’t golf, but we spent some time visiting the rest of the park. It’s named after Arthur B. Sim. He was an oil man and the only son of real estate businessman, Coler L. Sim. At 32 years old, Sim was killed in Kansas City. I found an old newspaper that said it was originally thought to be a suicide, as he was found at the bottom of a bridge. It was later discovered he was murdered. So after Arthur’s death, his father donated the land to the city in Arthur’s memory.

What we did: We visited a number of different parts of the park. There are plenty of picnic tables and open spaces. On Tuesday we went to Boston Park and it was freezing. Today, it was beautiful.

What a great day to live in Wichita! We did a lot of walking, and apparently we were not the only ones with cabin fever, the park was full of people with their kids and their dogs.

January 5, 2019

We walked along the river, and thanks to a lower water level, we walked out on the riverbank, Jeremy thought it felt like a beach with all the sand, and trash.

There is an exercise area, we walked around it and looked at the equipment, that counts as exercise, right?

A small city park now sits on land once owned by USD 259.

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