Third and Piatt Park

March 30, 2020

#92 Third and Piatt Park – 347 N Piatt

Background: At just .35 acres, this is one of the city’s 10 smallest parks. It was created in a 1999 project that converted the street to a park. It straddles the 3rd Street drain.

There are a few park benches and a playground. I did not have to do much research to figure out the park is named after its location. You know, sometimes I amaze even myself. (Princess Leia: That doesn’t sound too hard.”)

What we did: While maintaining the social distancing rules, we thought a walk in the park would be nice. This is a tiny park, but it runs along a bike path that winds its way through the neighborhood and out to the canal route. There are a few nice photographic moments thanks to the bridges that crisscross the canal.

Our next stop has been home to actors, beatnik poets, homeless people and now yuppies. You’re about to enter the vortex.

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