Lincoln Park

September 22, 2018

#13 Lincoln Park – 1323 S Topeka

Background: This is another one of those city parks that I just can’t seem to find much information about. According to the city’s website it was acquired in 1900. If anyone knows of a good source for Wichita history, please let me know.

What we did: After eating lunch with our friends Debi and Tony we invited them to join us on our park adventure. We walked around the park, checked out the gazebo and splash park.

I have to say something about the splash parks. Wichita is getting rid of several city pools and replacing them with the splash parks, and seriously, it is not the same. What teen wants to splash in a fountain versus checking out the opposite sex in a pool? Anyway they make for nice photos, if not for much fun.

The playground is built to look like a ship, so naturally we had to all re-enact the famous Titanic scene. “I’m King of The World!” Naturally Jeremy and I argued over who would be Rose and who would be Jack. I’ll let you decide who won.

It was a beautiful day in Wichita.

Although not part of the park, I walked over to the Firefighters Museum, which is right next to the park. A beautiful statue honors the fallen firefighters. Which has even more resonance, with last week’s shooting death of a Sedgwick County Deputy, which is still on the hearts and minds of so many of us.

UPDATE: I have changed my mind on the splash parks. After posting this on facebook, my journalism teacher pointed out that poor kids can not afford swimsuits or the pool admission. I get that. I fully support the splash pads, just hate to see the pools go along with so many great memories.

Another well know Wichitan is honored with a park. I don’t want to give anything away but… it’s a great Dey for a park visit.

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