Longview Park

December 9, 2018

#31 Longview Park – 3914 E Longview

Background: A small park named after the neighborhood. It was developed as part of one of the Kellogg expansion projects. It’s probably better known for what it used to be…. the original site of the world’s very first Pizza Hut. There is a little monument dedicated to this spot’s important place in U.S. history.

What we did: It is a very small park, so we did our traditional walk through but we brought along our girl, KC. We have been telling ourselves she would love the parks, but it never works out. Today was her day, I guess every dog does have its day. I think she enjoyed the little playground, the sand was new to her. We tried to get her to go down the slide, but I could see it in her eyes, “Not a chance, bitches.”

There is a gazebo with picnic tables. If we go back, we are going to get a pizza from the hut and eat it there. Strange thing. The picnic tables only had one bench, so you can’t really sit across from someone, just next to them. We figured its made to accommodate those in wheelchairs. We checked out the Pizza Hut monument and we were done.

As a bonus we drove down to the Wichita State Campus, the original Pizza Hut building was moved there years ago. Check out the pics. Also a good reminder that we need to go the the PH Museum sometime soon.

A park bears the name of a postmaster, newspaper editor and state senator.

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