Planeview Park

November 25, 2018

#27 Planeview Park – 2819 Fees

Background: Acquired in 1955, 1980, and 1997. The park is pretty good size, featuring a playground, a bicycle path, model airplane area, basketball and tennis courts, football and soccer fields, along with a number of baseball and softball diamonds, and the hill that hosted hundreds of soap box derbies.

What We Did: We played on the playground then walked around the area. We found a picturesque creek surrounded by trees and sadly filled with trash. I think in our future park visits we might take a trash bag and pick up trash. Our parks are nice, its clear not everyone cares about keeping them nice.

We also drove over the turnpike to see the other half of the park. We weren’t entirely sure what the giant cement circles were for, with a quick check on the internet, we found they were used for model airplanes. There are a number of pictures from the park visit. The weather was perfect on Saturday and the blue skies really popped against the winter colors.

Our next park, is a bit of a rarity in Wichita, it’s named after a woman.

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