Claude Lambe Park

May 10, 2019

#47 Claude Lambe Park – 5115 E 13th St. N.

Background: The park was originally named Williamsburg Park and was donated to the City in 1993 by John and Randy Cooper. It was renamed for Claude Lambe (1898-1981), a Wichita real estate developer and insurance broker. There is a tract of land near 13th and Oliver he helped develop in 1952. It’s known as the Lambsdale Neighborhood.

What we did: First off, we visited this park on Sunday, and I am just getting around to posting it. I just wanted to explain the beautiful blue sky in the pictures.

We picked this park because it was small. I thought it was just the playground along 13th, but we were pleasantly surprised at what we found.

A great neighborhood park. The playground is not very big, but it had swings, which Jeremy tried out, a jungle gym, and some other thing I have no idea what to call.

I walked a little south of the playground to take some pictures of the fields and noticed the park went much further south. Since we are trying to exercise more, we got in the car and drove to the other end of the park.

The main feature is a charming lake. We caught a glimpse of ducks, frogs, geese, fish, and an ibis (I think).

Since Sunday was a perfect spring day in Kansas, there were kids playing and several people fishing.

Next a park named in honor of a dog whose name is an animal.

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