Meadows Park

September 11, 2019

#67 Meadows Park – 12551 W. Maple

Background: From the city’s website: “Initially acquired in 1990, an additional 4 acres was acquired in 1995. The park currently includes a playground area and pedestrian path. This park is adjacent to Auburn Hills Golf Course.”

What we did: First off, I don’t recommend you park on Maple. It’s pretty busy. You’ll want to turn down the first side street (Firefly) and go south a half or mile or so… on the right side you need to look for a small park sign. You’ll enter the park between two homes. The awkwardness of doing that pays off as you’ll step into a large field with a small lake.

Don’t get this park confused with West Meadows Park.

As Jeremy says, “there’s just something about bodies of water..’” There is a small iron Keeper of the Plains at one corner of the lake.

A pathway leads into a wooded area. Go around a couple of curves and you’ll find a small playground. It looks like it has seen better days.

If you continue the walk you’ll make your way through more woods and out into the fields that run along Maple.

This next park has nothing to do with Kirstie Alley or a back alley… they don’t even spell their names correctly.

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