Orchard Park

April 24, 2020

#103 Orchard Park – 4808 W 9th St N.

Background: According to the city’s website, the park was acquired in 1955. The Recreation Center serves hot lunches to the elderly. The center once housed a library but after 34 years it was closed in 2014.

The park’s best feature is a one-of-a-kind baseball diamond. Miracle Field is custom-designed for children and adults with disabilities, the first field of its kind in Kansas.

During my research I stumbled across a great program that pairs up every kid on the team with a mentor. If you are interested check out their website and be an “Angel in the Outfield.” https://www.miracleleagueict.com/angels-in-the-outfield

What we did: This was a great park. It had a new tennis court/basketball court, huge jungle gym, a skate park and a pool (built in 1976).

We took advantage of the cool day and walked around the park. For those of you like me, that can burn in the moonlight, there’s a ton of shade trees along the sidewalk.

Aviation is the backbone and heart of Wichita. One aviation icon is honored with more than one park.

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