McKnight Parkway

#70 McKnight Parkway – 400 S Hydraulic

Background: Acquired in 1928, the narrow area is the beginning of the Canal Hike and Bike Trail that runs underneath and alongside the Canal Route. J. Hudson McKnight (1861-1925) was an Alfalfa farmer who sold part of his land in 1919 to the school board for a new Wichita High School to be built (renamed East High in 1929).

The McKnight Memorial Fountain at East High is named in his honor, thanks to a $25,000 donation from his wife. McKnight lived in his home at 206 S. Hydraulic until his death, in 1924, at age 63. The house was razed in 1969.I n her will, Mrs. McKnight provided a trust fund of $200,000 plus other assets to the University of Wichita to erect the fine arts building.

What we did: There is not much to the park, mainly a bike path and trees. It was a quick visit but we added a stop at my alma mater, Wichita High School East

Parks & Recreation’s Ron Swanson would be proud of this next park, but he would never admit it.

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