Fairmount Park

July 5, 2019

#54 Fairmount Park – 1647 N. Yale

Background: The park was acquired in 1925. It contains a community facility basketball courts, baseball diamond, playground, splash pad, a tennis court and a futsal court.

What we did: After visiting Murfin and K-96 Lake, we were tired and hot, but wanted to make one more stop.

This park is a high crime area in Wichita, and has been the scene of some horrific moments through the years.

But on a sunny day, it offers a ton of shade, we walked along the path and got a good look at the park.

Rolling hills and plenty of wide open space, it was a nice escape from the heat.

Speaking of escaping the heat, this park features one of the biggest splash pads we’ve seen in Wichita, and there were a ton of children enjoying the water.

A little reprieve from the heat of the sun.

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