Pat Garcia Veterans Memorial Park

March 3, 2019

#40 Pat Garcia Veterans Memorial Park – 2640 N Wellington

Background: Here’s what the city’s site had to say: A coalition of the City, the North Chisholm Neighborhood Association and Friends of Pat Garcia sought donations of land to create a memorial park honoring war veteran Pat Garcia. The project is currently under development.

What we did: It was cold and it was snowy. We picked this park on purpose because it is an open field with a creek running through it. So we could make it a fast visit. I tried to get Jeremy to roll down the hill in the snow, that was a no go. Maybe next time.

This would probably be a great park for sledding. The hills go down to the creek bed. Part of it was dry, that would probably be the best place to do it. I also noticed the graffiti which is always sad to see.

From the north side of Wichita to an eastside park with a view.

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