Swanson Park

October 6, 2019

#71 Swanson Park – 1011 N Maize

Background: This tract of land, acquired in 1975, has been designated a Wichita Wild Habitat area. The park is named after Simon Swanson (1886-1974) a conservationist.

Simon’s father, Nels, homesteaded 160 acres of land in 1874. Swanson Park sits on part of that land.

What we did: What a great day for a walk in the park. Beautiful little spot right in the middle of Wichita. We followed the path around and got some great views of the Cowskin Creek and a cool little bridge spanning the water.

This next park was created by a service organization whose name literally means, “I make noise; I am foolish and wanton” but with 600k members this group is anything but foolish.

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