Emery Memorial Park

March 24, 2019

#43 Emery Memorial Park – 2325 E MacArthur

Background: Emery Park was donated in 1955 by Julia Emery and Dr. Frank Emery in memory of their parents, Dr. and Mrs. F.W. Emery.Dr. Frank Woodward Emery (1863-1937) was a physician from Winfield. A BMX bike track at the park in 1987.

What we did: What a great day to go to a park. For you Wichita folks… you really need to get out and see some of the cool spots Wichita has to offer. This park was the standard playground, but it also has a fishing lake. Picturesque on a blue sky full of clouds.

There is a Remote Control Car track too. There were a number of people racing cars around the track. We were surprised at how fast they moved.

We also walked over to the BMX track. Although too muddy for bikes, the track looked pretty nice. There are plenty of trees in the park and lots of picnic tables. When leaves return this would be a perfect picnic spot.

Once called Willows park, this lovely spot has a new name recalling the natural area.

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