Kansas Sports Hall of Fame (West Side Athletic Field)

April 15, 2020

#100 West Side Athletic Field (Kansas Sports Hall of Fame) – 571 N McLean Blvd

Background: Since the 1940’s the park has been used for softball league play. Recently the city made a deal with Friends University. The school made about 300k in improvements like installing artificial turf on the infield. In exchange the Falcons will use the field for its games and practices.

The field is also home to the Wichita Warriors baseball team. Never heard of them? They are part of the Wichita Area Homeschool Athletic Association

What we did: There’s not a lot going on in the park.. All the baseball diamonds were empty. The updated field for Friends looked great but the stands and concession area could still use a little love. Hopefully, the city will help fix it up.

UPDATE: It looks like the city did fix up the stands and concession area. I stopped by to get an updated picture.

A park with its roots in the 60’s and 70’s. Fire up the flux capacitor, let’s go.

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