A. Price Woodard Park

August 4, 2018

#1 A. Price Woodard Park 401 W Douglas Ave

Jeremy and I are going to try and visit every single one of the city parks in Wichita. Today was number one.

Named after Ambrose Price Woodard, junior, Wichita’s first African American Mayor (1970).

The park was built in 1972.

There are three art pieces along with the famous fountains in the park.

The sundial was built in 1975 by Jack Zavatsky.

The Interrupted Flight was created in 1975 by Harry Bertoia, it’s an abstract bird.

And “Hardship & Dreams” was created in 1994 by Dorothy Koelling. Didn’t this pioneer woman suffer enough, now she has to stare at Lawrence Dumont Stadium all the time?

UPDATE: The old Lawrence Dumont is gone, replaced by a brand new stadium. Wichita city leaders hoping that, “If you build it, they will come.”

The Tripodal is not part of the park, but it was worth a pic.

While most parks are dedicated to families or the young. One Wichita park is dedicated to our more refined residents. So what the hell does that mean? Grab your walker, and check it out.

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