Seneca Park

September 8, 2018

#9 Seneca Park – 202 S. Seneca

Background: I couldn’t find much information on the park other than it was acquired by the city in 1920. Most of my knowledge comes from the years I spent playing in the park, it is right across the street from my church.

We held Easter egg hunts over there, and spent a lot of time during children’s church playing on the swings. The swings are gone along with the wooden fort/play set, and for some reason they got rid of the tire swings that everyone would get their fingers pinched on while playing. Hard to believe they got rid of them.

What we did: We walked around the park and played on the new playground equipment. There is a new pickleball court, but we had no rackets, balls, or pickles. I reenacted Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous balcony scene from Evita while Jeremy called out to me, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.” (or “Tangled” for you younger folks.) Which is interesting as Rapunzel was a Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale. Jeremy’s last name was Grim. He would joke with people, “It’s Grim like the reaper, not the brothers.”

One visionary Mayor picks up the land for one of Wichita’s favorite parks and one that will be dedicated to him.

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