Buffalo Park

September 2, 2018

#8 Buffalo Park – 10201 Hardtner

Background: The park was acquired in 1962, an additional area was added ten years later. I could not fine much information on this park. The splash pad was a nearly two million dollar upgrade.

What we did: We walked around the park. We tried out some of the playground equipment… with slides, swings and whatever the thing with the loops is…

We also spent a few minutes trying to get on a stand up teeter totter. We couldn’t get our balance quite right, and Jeremy is scared of heights. (three feet off the ground)

The splash pad was open and a few people were enjoying it. A buffalo is a main feature. His eyes glow and steam comes from his nostrils. I got up close, I think its just water getting spritzed, but it was still kind of neat.

Pickle ball, Easter egg hunts and bad reenactments ahead at a westside park.