Southview Park

February 16, 2019

#39 Southview Park – 2215 W 45th St S

Background: From the city’s website: “This land was acquired in 1981 and has been developed to serve the southwest part of the city.” That’s it. No more information, and I couldn’t find anything else online.

What We Did: The biggest chunk of the park is covered in soccer fields. The playground was straight out of my childhood. A rocket ship and a fort. These seemed like standards in all parks not so long ago. I climbed right into the rocket ship. Jeremy took a picture. I pretended I was six and acted like I was in Star Wars for a moment. My butt is now covered in mud because I backed out and slid through the mud that I tracked in on the bottom of my shoes.

Next I climbed up the fort and enjoyed the view, again thinking back to my childhood and playing “spies” with my friends.

Jeremy and I both commented on the way out, the equipment seemed really old. I looked it up and discovered the park was founded in 81, and I commented, that doesn’t seem so old. Jeremy reminds me I was seven in 81 and that was almost forty years ago. Thanks… Honey.

Next we hit a small, snow covered park named in honor of a fallen soldier.