Alice Wall Memorial Park

February 10, 2019

#38 Alice Wall Memorial Park – 4506 S Doris

Background: This is the city’s description of the small park: “The parcel was donated by Billy Gray for use as a public park and open space in 2003, located along the west edge of the Wichita – Valley Center floodway.”

One of Alice’s children posted a story about the park’s namesake. Alice was born in Wichita in 1909. Her grandmother was Laura Gardiner, namesake of Wichita’s Gardiner Elementary. Alice passed away in 1989.

What We Did: This is a small park so we walked around the entire area. We do know how to get a good workout.

The jungle gym was cool, there were two swing sets and a couple of benches. The park is on the list of possible future dog parks.

The next park is further south and gives us a view to the past.

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