Pracht Wetlands Park

May 13, 2020

#107 Pracht Wetlands Park – 9926 W 29th St N

Background: This is the city’s newest park. Once known as Cadillac Lake, the land was originally owned by the Pracht family, from 1921 to 2015.

The Pracht family used the land as a duck hunting club. They gathered at a private clubhouse next to the small lake, they dubbed Cadillac Lake, because so many regular guests worked at local Cadillac dealerships, and they all parked their caddies on the lakeshore.The family sold the land to Slawson Companies, who donated 56 acres to the City of Wichita.

What we did: The park provides two boardwalks for checking out the scenery.

Each boardwalk ends at a “Bird Blind” which according to the website is supposed to “immerse visitors in the sounds and sites of the wetlands habitat.”

In future expansions, the boardwalk will circle the park and connect.

It’s interesting that the park is near a busy intersection because you don’t even notice the traffic noise. Jeremy and I enjoyed the scenery and took time to stop and look for wildlife.

We spotted a small black bird with red stripes on its shoulders, geese and turtles.

After seeing two snakes, we decided that was enough nature and called it a day.

This local lake shares the name of a character hated on Little House on the Prairie, but there is nothing to hate about the park.

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