Stearman Park

November 25, 2018

#30 Stearman Park – 3500 E. Cessna

Background: Lloyd Stearman was born in Wellsford, Kansas.

On February 4, 1925, Stearman and Walter Beech teamed up with Clyde Cessna to form the Travel Air Manufacturing Company. In 1927, Stearman formed his own manufacturing company, the Stearman Aircraft Corporation. The factory was established with financing from Walter Innes (another recognizable name in Wichita history)

In 1929, Stearman Aircraft merged with Boeing Airplane Co.

Stearman held the position of President of the Stearman Division until 1931, when he resigned. In 1932, Stearman became president of Lockheed Aircraft Company.

Stearman died of cancer on April 3, 1975 at his home in Northridge, Los Angeles.

What We did: The playground is pretty small, featuring a weird double jungle gym, and a basketball court. You’ll find plenty of rolling hills and open space. Again, perfect for pictures on a winter day.

It was home of the world’s first Pizza Hut, now it’s a park that celebrates the landmark.

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