Edgemoor Park

November 24, 2019

#80 Edgemoor Park – 5815 E. 9th

Background: The park, was acquired in 1962 and 1967. According to the city’s website, “The recreation center and swimming pool bathhouse are designed in an architectural style which is compatible with the neighborhood.” (Whatever that means)

Also on the park grounds, the Ryan Woodward Memorial Skatepark. It was built in 2007 and dedicated in 2010 to the memory of Ryan Christopher Woodward (1993-2009). I really tried to find out more about Ryan, but all I know is that he was an avid skate boarder.

What we did: We checked out the empty swimming pool. Where after years of summer fun sits abandoned, waiting for demolition, and replaced with a splash pad.

We also spent a little time both admiring and laughing at the skaters. Admiring those taking the chance to do flips and to laugh at the ones that didn’t quite pull off the stunt.

A small city park that could use a little love for its most historic feature.

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