Air Capital Memorial Park

February 28, 2021

#120 Air Capital Memorial Park – 9500 W Kellogg

Background: This small park was acquired in 1966. For those of you older Wichitans, you’ll remember it was the site of a B-47 Stratojet. The jet was built in Wichita in 1956. The B-47 was responsible for the opening of Wichita’s Air Force Base, which became the world’s first bomber-training base for the B-47. The stratojet was donated to the city in 1965 and placed on its pedestal in 1969. The jet was a Wichita icon for years. Then it disappeared in 1987.

This is the sidewalk that looped around the jet.

That’s when the city gave the plane to McConnell Air Force Base as part of a joint project to refurbish and rededicate the B-47.Which made its new home at McConnell in 1988.Interesting side note: On March 29, 1956, a B-47 Stratojet exploded just outside of Wichita, killing all three on board.

What we did: The small park is dedicated to hiking and off road biking. The cool sunny day brought a number of people on bikes to the park. We walked around the short loop and ran into a number of bicyclist.

We thought it was cool, at the entrance there is an air pump and a number of tools so you can fix your bike if needed.

The park has lots of downed trees and old chunks of cement to give the park an industrial apocalypse feel. I’ve said it before, there is a certain beauty to the Kansas in the winter time. No green leaves, bushes, or grass. But nature still has a way of showing us its best.

The city offers a park that’s popular for hikers and bikers.

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