Hyde Park

November 4, 2018

#22 Hyde Park – 201 S Greenwood

Background: This is a small park just south of Douglas. It is named after Albert Alexander Hyde. A business owner that focused on bath products and perfumes. He is best known for inventing Mentholatum ointment in 1894. His original business was located where The Space Merchant is located these days. He continued his success building a plant in Wichita and one in New York. Hyde died on January 10, 1935. The company sold to a Japanese firm in 1998.

What we did: We walked around the park and checked out the changing colors on the trees.

There was a playground but since kids were playing we didn’t want to intrude. As we walked by one of the boys said loudly, “I have to poopy doopy.”

Located in one Wichita’s oldest neighborhoods and dedicated to it’s Hispanic roots.. this is another riverside side.

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