Barrington Park

August 17, 2019

#62 Barrington Park – 2010 N Tee Time

Background: According to the city’s website: This small park iscompletely landscaped with benches, picnic tables and playground equipment. It was donated to the Board of Park Commissioners in 1990.

What we did: This is another of Wichita’s great little parks. There is plenty of shade, picnic tables, and cool jungle gym equipment.

There are two different types of jungle gyms we see around the area. Some are the traditional, others seem more artsy or modern. Not sure what the right term is but this one is definitely more artsy-fartsy.

Jeremy and I seem to like the newer look. We took a few minutes to fool around on the equipment. I hate to admit it but several of the pieces involve spinning, and I just can’t do that anymore. A few spins and I’ll be nauseous all day.

Another classic neighborhood park is up next.

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