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All my life I have loved to travel. By the time I was 16 I had seen 38 states. Thanks to my parents. I spent many summers laying in the backend of the Crockett Family Truckster (a Chevy station wagon) watching the scenery go by. In my younger days, I imagined the car was a star ship and it gave me a place to play with my Star Wars action figures. As I got older, and as the old battle wagon started falling apart, we switched to a sedan, an Impala. Gone were the Star Wars characters, but in came the new Sony Walkman. I would find a station, listen to it until the signal faded, and then I would start searching for the next station on the dial.

I miss those family vacations. What a great tradition and one with so many lasting memories. Like being scared on the Alice In Wonderland ride at Disney, seeing three World’s Fairs, Graceland, New York City, San Antonio, Mt. Rushmore, Vancouver, Seattle, Chicago’s Second City, and so many other places.

Once I graduated college I was a little too old for family vacations, but I continued to travel as much as possible. Niagara Falls, Great Smokey Mountains, Louisville, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, the Spam Museum, the Hoover Presidential Library, and again so many more places.

Then Jeremy and I met. He was not quite prepared to travel like the Crocketts travel. My trips are scheduled ahead of time, covering as much as possible every day. It is go-go-go with me. My thought, “I want to see this, because I may never be here again.” After the first trip Jeremy said, we need to slow it down and include some chances for spontaneity. I agreed. Now when we travel, I plan a half day, then leave the rest to chance. Truth be told, I still have a few back up activities for the other half of the day. Just in case.

We have spent numerous weekends in Kansas City and Oklahoma City. We like to travel to western Kansas to meet up with our friends from Denver and always try to make some stops along the route. We have taken an Alaskan cruise and two Mexico cruises. We’ve visited DisneyWorld, Houston, Memphis, Dallas, Little Rock, Denver, and one of our favs- Vegas.

So here are some of the unique stories and places we have seen while roaming across the great state of Kansas and beyond.

In the heart of Topeka, a visit to the Brown v. Board of Education National Historical Park unveils the profound significance of Monroe Elementary School and this landmark institution played a pivotal role in a transformative victory in the Civil Rights. Check out: From Dolls to Desegregation: The Journey of Brown v Board of Education.

This little cabin in Athol, KS was the inspiration for one of the top 100 folk songs of all time. It has been recorded countless times by everyone from Tori Amos to Bugs Bunny. Check out the Home on the Range Cabin

Discover the unexpected fusion of art and play at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Follow us as we try out the museum’s hidden gem: a miniature golf course based on art and architecture. We call this one, Quit Playing Games with my Art

An Ichabod with a head, a stoic doctor with a funny bone, and the birth of two movements. Checking out more sites from Topeka, Kansas.

Wild west tales, celebrities, waterfalls and the ornate box turtle make up part of the history of Caldwell, Kansas.

The great John Philip Sousa wrote 136 marches, but one particular one holds a special place in the hearts of fans of the Wildcats. We’re calling this one A different kind of march madness

A trip to Topeka took us to the Evel Knievel Museum. It’s a great visit, one of the best museums in Kansas. Unfortunately in October of 2023 it is moving to Vegas, so check it out. We’re calling this one a Touch of Evel.

A peace treaty, a statue of liberty, and a woman with an axe to grind.  Checking out Medicine Lodge, Kansas.

Some great attractions including America’s smallest incorporated town, a museum dedicated to America’s first elected female mayor, and a little Statue of Liberty. A Road Trip through Western South Central Kansas.

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The state of Kansas has a song, Home on the Range, and it also has two marches. We call this one, March to the beat of a different drum.

A trip across North Central Kansas involved a girl that changed the course of history, the original Boot Hill, a ghost story in Hays, an odd shop and a big ass ball of twine.

I should have called this, Kevin and Jeremy’s Egg-cellent Adventure. This is our stop in Wilson, KS. Czech it out! World’s Largest Czech Egg

We’re celebrating 4/20. Did you know Cheetos and Fritos have a Kansas connection? We call this one The “Baked” Goods.

Legends of the Old West, a Kansas man who changed the world and a whole bunch of little Liberty statues. Check out the Western KS road trip.

Road Trip through Emporia, Chanute, Independence and Parsons, KS. The Wright Brothers’ Mentor, The Amazon Army and a memorial dedicated to those who taught and lost their lives.

The man behind a more healthy Kansas, was the inspiration for a famous TV character and now he’s a roadside attraction. We call this one.. Get the Health out of Dodge.

Checking out the roadside attractions in Manhattan and Topeka.

He started a movement, twice. This Kansas man was on a mission from God.

According to the Food Network, it’s home to the 6th best hamburger in America. Salina, KS is also the home of Lee Jeans and the a very famous aviation world record.

1929, Valentine’s Day, a group disguised as police officers entered a small Chicago garage and killed 7 men. The gruesome act lives in infamy and one of the possible suspects was a Kansas man.

Leaving Oklahoma City, we had to make a few stops on the way home including some time on Route 66.

A celebration of some of Oklahoma City’s best roadside attractions.

They were the original Ted Talk, and they were all the rage across the U.S. One of the biggest was in Ottawa, KS. Check out The Chautuaqua.

You may not have heard of Merle Evans, but the Kansan is considered one of the, if not the greatest circus band director in history. He may be long gone but the band plays on.

A legendary ghost and a bunch of drunk teenagers… Valley Center’s Creepiest bridge.

We did serious Kansas City with Auschwitz and a love story with Rosedale. Now it’s time to have some fun in Kansas City.

It’s a monument to those that fought in America’s wars. It’s also the sight of a monumental moment in our lives. The Rosedale Arch

I won’t even try to cover the Auschwitz Exhibition in its entirety. These are my thoughts on the experience.

Part of our visit to Kansas City included a stop at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City to see their monument to the Holocaust.

Our last stop on the SEKS Road Trip was in Independence... home to amazing statues, good Mexican food, a couple of “baseball firsts” and the hometown of my WFC mentor.

Stop #3 on our road trip took us through Coffeyville. It was just a stop for us, but the end of the line for an infamous gang.

A stop at a quaint little park in Anthony, KS.

A visit to Anthony home of The Official Kansas 9/11 Memorial.

Stop #2 on our Road Trip across Southeast Kansas. Hitting the mother road, Route 66.

Planet Comicon: Kansas City

Stop one on our Southeast Kansas Road Trip takes us to Missouri?

Sunday is 7/11. Free Slurpee Day!  A day to celebrate the Slurpee and ICEE.  And you have a Kansas man to thank for all those brain freezes.

Another icon of America is the famous Mt. Rushmore sculpture. And on this 4th of July holiday, you should know that the sculptor spent some time in the Sunflower State.

Years ago there was a big debate over who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance. A magazine writer or a Kansas kid?

June is Pride month.  The time coincides with the start of the gay rights movement at Stonewall.  And to celebrate Pride, I offer Kansas and the rainbow connection.

It’s the pride of Salina, a look at the history of Oakdale Park.

Have a Coke and a KS smile

She’s turning 50 soon, but that’s not why she’s blue. Say hello to a Route 66 icon.

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