North Woodland Park

November 4, 2018

#23 North Woodland Park – 841 W 21st St N

Background: The park was purchased in 1921. It was one of 21 projects across the nation funded through the Pioneers Volunteer Community Grant Program, it received the largest single donation in North America.

There is a Hispanic Senior Center that was remodeled in 1993.

What we did: We walked around and tried out the jungle gym, and I jumped up on the ring thing in the picture and started to walk around it, it moves, and I almost wiped out.

I also scrambled down to the river, just down the bank, someone put up a tent. I hope no one is living there. Fall really is gorgeous with the fall foliage. Hopefully we can plan some tree-heavy parks for next week.

It’s one of Wichita’s coolest parks, and like a phoenix, this park has risen from the ashes of one of Wichita’s worst moments.

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