Meadowlark Park

August 25, 2018

#7 Meadowlark Park – 3903 E Mt. Vernon

Background: This park and the one right across the street, were in a flood zone, after years of flooding due to the poorly named, Dry Creek, the government bought the homes and turned the area into a park. The park was named after the neighborhood, Meadowlark, in 2009.

There was once a drive-in nearby called the Meadowlark, I never knew where the name came from, I always thought it had something to do with the Meadowlark being the state bird.

What we did: We had a picnic in the park. NuWay baby! After eating, we discovered there are no trash cans in the park. We left our trash at the table and explored the tiny playground. Jeremy sat on a turtle, and I relaxed on a dolphin. Once we walked around, we picked up our trash and headed out.

Neneh Cherry took a Buffalo Stance back in 1988. We’ll head to Buffalo Park next.

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