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This site is dedicated to the unique stories, art and history of Wichita… with an occasional look at Kansas and beyond.

Wichita Parks

A three year journey to visit all of the Wichita City Parks.

Silver Screen Whispers

Wichita’s Theaters Then & Now

How Great Our Art

Checking out some of Wichita’s amazing public art and the artists behind them.

Sedgwick County Cemeteries

Visiting all of the 70+ cemeteries in Sedgwick County.

IC in the ICT

Wichita and its most unique stories.

The People that you Meet…

Some of Wichita’s most interesting people.

Strengthen the Arm of Liberty Statues

A BSA project sent small Statues of Liberty across the U.S. and Kansas.

Beyond Wichita

A look at Kansas’ history

Road Trip

Looking for some unique roadside attractions or day trips, we’ve got some ideas for you.

Be True to Your School

A look at the history of each Wichita public school and its namesake.

Wichita Aquatic Parks

Making a splash at Wichita’s 16 Aquatic Parks.

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I get so tired of people saying, “there is nothing to do in Wichita.”
I say, “If you think that is true, you are not looking hard enough.”

Kevin crockett

Did I ever tell you about the time….

  • We made a weekday escape
    Taking a road trip leads to a small town in Oklahoma to visit a celebrity restaurant and stumbling upon America’s First Boy Scout Troop.
  • I got a Sandwich named after me
    When was the last time you had a sandwich named after you? Well, I have one! Say hello to “Kevin’s Bagel Sandwich”
  • I was down with a bad back and thankful for it…
    A strange dream about a smell wakes me from sleep, only to realize that the room is full of smoke. and our house is on fire.
  • A group of women prayed for me at the mall
    Get ready to be filled with warmth and gratitude this Thanksgiving as Kevin shares his heartwarming experience working at Bath & Body Works. Join him as he recounts the day he met three lovely women who turned his shift into an unforgettable moment of joy, laughter, and unexpected blessings.
  • I lost my car keys at the cemetery
    When nature called, he answered. But what he didn’t expect was to lose his car keys in the process! Follow the hilarious journey of a man who retraced his steps through a cemetery covered in stickers to find his keys. All in a day’s work for a cemetery enthusiast.

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