IC in the ICT

This site is dedicated to the unique stories, art and history of Wichita… with an occasional look at Kansas and beyond.

Wichita Parks

A three year journey to visit all of the Wichita City Parks.

How Great Our Art

Checking out some of Wichita’s amazing public art and the artists behind them.

Sedgwick County Cemeteries

Visiting all of the 70+ cemeteries in Sedgwick County.

IC in the ICT

Wichita and its most unique stories.

The People that you Meet…

Some of Wichita’s most interesting people.

Strengthen the Arm of Liberty Statues

A BSA project sent small Statues of Liberty across the U.S. and Kansas.

Beyond Wichita

Kansas history and roadside attractions.

Be True to Your School

A look at the history of each Wichita public school and its namesake.

Wichita Aquatic Parks

Making a splash at Wichita’s 16 Aquatic Parks.

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I get so tired of people saying, “there is nothing to do in Wichita.”
I say, “If you think that is true, you are not looking hard enough.”

Kevin crockett

Did I ever tell you about the time….

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