Hellers Park

November 3, 2019

#77 Hellers Park – 4401 Arkansas

Background: The 30 acres of parkland was purchased in 1989 and 2 acres were donated by USD 259 in 1990. It sits right next to the Earhart Environmental Magnet School. The park is a designated Wichita Wild Habitat.

The park is named after Henry Otto Heller (1866-1937). A German immigrant, who operated a butcher shop in the second block on North Main. He also owned Heller’s Grove, a favorite picnic spot on North Arkansas. On August 31, 1887, he married Wilhelmina Paul. On Halloween 1896, he became a U.S. citizen. He retired to his farm, where he resided until his death.

What we did: It was hard to find at first, but we took a chance on a natural path through a field and into a small wooded area. What a great day to take a nature walk. We spotted a buck in the trees before it took off across the prairie.

From the edge of the city to the center of the city for a stop in one of Wichita’s neighborhoods.

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