Emporia Park

April 3, 2020

#96 Emporia Park 1143 N. Emporia

Background: From the city’s website: This park was acquired in 1973 with partial funding provided by the federal “Parks in Cities” Program and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

The park sits in the Topeka-Emporia neighborhood which was laid out during Wichita’s “boom years” during the mid-1880s.

What we did: We pretty much got out of the car, took our pictures and left. The Bradford Pear Trees are blooming and with little wind and the warmth of the sun the smell was hard to take. Jeremy thinks they smell like raw meat, I think they smell like body odor.

Interesting to note, the Bradford Pear Tree is considered an invasive species and the city of Fayetteville, Arkansas will replace them with native trees free of charge to residents

Emporia is a historic street in Wichita, but not as much as one Wichita Avenue, whose original name might surprise you.

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