Grandparents Park

August 11, 2018

#2 Grandparents Park Estelle & E Kellogg

Background: What was once an empty lot… is now Grandparents Park.

The Tri-S neighborhood group wanted a park, the city gave them the land, and AARP donated the nearly $22,000 to open the park. Plus a grand from Ben Franklin Plumbing, when the city dedicated it on July 20, 2013

The park is 280 feet by 100 feet.

What we did: Jeremy and I stopped by the park this morning. We noticed it’s not the quietest park in town as it faces Kellogg, but it was a relaxing stop.

Since it is dedicated to grandparents, there is a workout station featuring exercises geared to folks over 50. I did the workout. I was exhausted, I haven’t been this tired since I rented the Angela Lansbury workout tape.

Jeremy and I celebrated our good health… with a picnic in the park from McDonald’s. We tried out the swings and Jeremy dug a hole, we’re so proud of him, they grow up so quickly.

One of Wichita’s biggest fans is connected to three southside parks.

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