Chisholm Greenway

May 5, 2020

#105 Chisholm Greenway – Between Hillside and Bluff

Background: From the city: This greenway runs along Chisholm Creek and connects Chisholm Creek Park and Dr. Glen Dey Park.

What we did: It was another great spring day in Kansas! The greenway is a long stretch of land that connects two city parks.

We stopped in the middle and walked around the area. The bike path runs along Chisholm Creek.

There were some great photo opportunities and plenty of shade for those of us that burn easily. I like to joke, that I don’t burn so much as burst into flames.

There were plenty of open spaces and shady spots to have a picnic on a blanket too.

A park with a personal history to me and one of Wichita’s best disc golf courses.

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