Pawnee Prairie Park

February 28, 2021

#121 Pawnee Prairie Park – 2625 S Tyler

Background: Pawnee Prairie Park is next to Consolver Golf Course and Eisenhower National Airport. According to the city, “it is over 400 acres of natural park land with trails that serve hikers, bicyclists and equestrians, along with other amenities.” The city slowly bought up the land throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s. In 1986, the park’s trail system was renamed Plumlee Trails in honor of Marsh and Irene Plumlee, who as avid equestrians helped develop the trail system.

What we did: We checked out the park from the Tyler road parking lot. There is a nice building that looked like it might be used for community events but it was boarded up. There was a little picnic area in the atrium with paintings of various wildlife in the area. Someone vandalised them in a really tasteless way. Keep it classy Wichita.

We also hiked over to the open air butterfly garden, which was empty because it’s February in Kansas.

From the Pawnee parking lot, we took a little walk around the park. It was pretty muddy so we did not go far. There is a pavilion there that would make a great picnic area in the fall. The playground area was full of families. Rock climbing, a hammock, and a little bern were pretty cool.

Jeremy and I got a kick out of watching the kids go down the hill. Some on cardboard and one girl on a skateboard. They were having so much fun. Oh to be young again…

Two parks separated by a highway but connected with a common name.

A Wichita Pioneer is honored.

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