West Millbrook Park

January 12, 2021

#119 West Millbrook Park – 404 S 119th St W

Background: Yet another park, without much information. The city’s website says, “This tract of land, previously maintained by the West Millbrook Improvement District, was donated to the Park Board in 1987 by the Improvement District following annexation of the area by the City of Wichita.” The park is home to one of Wichita’s disc golf courses.

What we did: It was a crisp, cool day, but the sun was shining so it did not seem that cold. We went in the early afternoon, which is a great time for shadows. I always like shadows in my pictures.

We did not stay long. There were a number of disc golfers in the park and we did not want to disturb them. Or with my luck, get hit with a stray disc.

A park with the same moniker as the city’s biggest claim to fame.

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