Evergreen Park

April 2, 2020

#95 Evergreen Park – 2700 N Woodland

Background: The park was acquired in 1971 with funds provided by H.U.D’s “Parks in Cities” program. In researching this park I stumbled across a January 2019 article in the Wichita Eagle presenting the proposed theme of the park’s new splash pad. “The park will revolve around a grotto dedicated to Tlaloc, the Aztec god of lightning and thunder. The highlight will be a stone-like head of Tlaloc, spraying water from his headdress, possible with lights and sound-effects to enhance the experience.”

From 1973 to 1981, the park also housed the library. In 2002, Evergreen Library was relocated to the old Wichita Arts Center at 2601 N. Arkansas

What we did: We did not spot Tlaloc’s splash pad . Just two playgrounds and a swimming pool. The older playground had a spaceship theme featuring Arthur the Aardvark. The newer one is almost identical to the playground across the street at Schell Park.

Next we head to a neighborhood established in the 1880’s, but the park is much newer.

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