Riverside Park – South

October 13, 2020

#114 Riverside Park – South – 551 W Central

Background: According to the city’s website: This park is in a horseshoe bend of the Little Arkansas River and is bounded by the river on three sides. Open lawn areas, trees and landscaping create the front portion of the park, while the recreation facilities are located together at the northwest point of the park.

The Ralph Wulz Riverside Tennis Center sits on the site of the original municipal swimming pool. Wulz was the city manager of Wichita from September 1, 1968 – April 30, 1976.

What we did: Since neither of us play tennis, and the complex was closed, we walked around and that was about it. We had no idea how big the complex is and construction equipment led us to believe the center is expanding. We would love to return on an evening when people are playing. Jeremy left his painted rock in one of the planters.

From an impressive tennis park to an unimpressive soccer park.

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