Victoria Park

December 15, 2019

#81 Victoria Park – 1700 N Park Place

Background: The small park area, opened on November 21, 1978 and is the home of a famous fountain.

What we did: We picked a small park because it was cold and wet today. The fountain was originally a horse watering trough in the middle of the intersection of St. Francis and William.

The fountain was part of The National Humane Alliance Fountain Project (1904 – 1912), which provided the fountains for free to any city that requested one. Wichita was one of 125 fountains created, and one of only 70-or so, still around.

Wichita’s fountain was dedicated in 1910.

Wichita’s fountain disappeared sometime along the way and was rediscovered in 1920. Park director LW Clapp had it moved to Central Riverside park.

In the 1970’s it was moved to its current location. The fresh water came out of bronze lions’ heads on three sides. The lions were vandalized in the 1980s. And the fountain has been non-functional since that time.

Wichita is part of Native American History, and so is our next park.

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