Cypress Park

April 7, 2019

#44 Cypress Park – 300 S Edgemoor

Background: According to the city’s website, this park was acquired in 1950 and named after the outstanding physical feature of the park, the grove of cypress trees. The park was formerly called Willows Park.

What we did: The last three days in Wichita have been great. Perfect weather in Kansas. We stopped by Cypress Park. The first thing we realized is there is no parking lot. We decided to use the Girl Scouts’ lot.

I always like to take a pic of the park sign, which was clear on the other end of the park. A creek runs through the park, and there are no bridges, so we walked to the street and down the sidewalk.

The sidewalk ended and since Jeremy is a Shel Silverstein fan, we took a picture of him where the sidewalk ends.

We stopped by the playground which was pretty nice. It had an old school merry-go-round. Which brought back tons of childhood memories of standing in the middle with everyone else and getting a spin. The last person standing was the winner. And when my friends and I played “Star Wars” the merry-go-round served as the Millennium Falcon. And in case you are wondering, the short slide was the x-wing fighter.

Check out a park that is a link to the westside. (yeah, see what I did there?)

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