IC in the ICT

Beyond the city parks, there are many so many cool things about Wichita. This is where I will try to introduce some new stories, shed some light on Wichita’s past, and highlight some of the unique points my city has to offer.

  • It’s a beautiful piece of art and a fitting monument to those that fought in the Civil War. And wait until you hear the famous last words of our county’s namesake. Sedgwick County Memorial Hall and Soldiers and Sailors Monument

  • It’s a fantastic art project across several city blocks bringing culture and color to one of Wichita’s oldest neighborhoods. Check out the 9th Street Redevelopment Project.

  • Subtlety placed along McLean, these winds-ical art pieces both catch the eye and block an eye-sore… But do they really play music when the wind blows? Take a moment to visit The Mighty Wind Organ.

  • Dad and I got a tour of the Orpheum Theater… Cue the John Williams Star Wars theme… we’re calling this one The Return of the Usher.

  • When your crusing down Kellogg doing 60 mph, you might miss one of Wichita’s biggest pieces of art. It’s time to slow down a take a look at The Wind Spirit Gateway

  • He made it easier for Americans to travel down the road, but it was this Wichita’s own road into mental health issues that ended his career. Meet “Woody” Hockaday

  • His mom and two other Wichitans played a part in the story of Billy The Kid.  We call this one Legend has it, and truth be told

  • Rust in the Wind. Honoring Wichita’s train history with an unique art project.

  • It’s About Time: Forty years ago, the clock tower was struck by lightning. A look inside and out of a Wichita icon.

  • Not all romance in theaters happens on the big screen.  This is the story of a young couple who fell in love in Wichita’s Orpheum Theater.  We’re calling this one, An Usher and A Gentleman

  • Paragon Part of the city council did not want this sculpture, until the artist said, “Everything out here is horizontal, you need something vertical.”

  • Fast Times at Planeview High At one time it was called the “Miracle City.” A city within a city, with its own shops and even a high school. Studying up on the home of the Gremlins.

  • Riverfront Stadium A look back at LDS and a closer look at the amazing art the new ballpark has to offer.

  • Two Steers What happened to the “Two Steers” bumper sculptures at The Kansas Coliseum?

  • Redbud Trail A historic Wichita railway becomes a recreational path and a look at Wichita’s Black History.

  • Jesse Chisholm A local legend and national hero.

  • South Vietnamese Veterans Memorial Find out why this controversial monument is not part of the Veterans Memorial Park.

  • Idlewild Park An Oaklawn Park

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