Chautauqua Park

August 24, 2019

#65 Chautauqua Park – 352 N Chautauqua

Background: According to the city’s website: Chautauqua Park was dedicated September 15, 1999, and the Uptown Neighborhood Association helped develop this park. After some research I found out that Chautuqua was a 19th century adult education and social movement. Chautauqua assemblies brought entertainment and culture to cities.  The meetings had speakers, musicians, teachers, showmen and preachers.

What we did: This is another one of Wichita’s smaller parks. But the landscaping really separates it from many other parks.

There is a fence that protects the park from a canal and a bike path. This would be a nice spot for a family picnic.

Our next stop is named after a popular tree in the city of Wichita.

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