Cessna Park East

November 25, 2018

#29 Cessna Park East – 6115 E Mt. Vernon

Background: The park was donated by Cessna Aircraft Company in 1960. The park has a playground, basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball fields and a bike path. You can find out more about Clyde Cessna in the Cessna Park West post.

What we did: Thanks to the beautiful weather we walked around the park and tried out some unusual park sets.

I got on one that I’ve dubbed the Flintstone car, and almost immediately fell on my face. Thank goodness for all those years of gymnastics, I landed on my feet and stuck the landing.

There were a ton of people out enjoying the day. We chatted with a couple and their new rescue dog. And watched the kids play on the playground, naturally they got right up on the Flintstone car, and had no problems.

UPDATE: I stopped by the park and took a pic of the new shelter

Although the name is not as famous, Wichita had more than one aviation entrepreneur.

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