Glenn Village Park

July 20, 2019

#57 Glenn Village Park – 1984 Greenfield

With Wichita under a heat advisory, we thought what a great day to go outside and sweat. Three parks, there was a little breeze every now and then that helped a little. But it was hot.

Background: From the city park’s site: This interesting little park, acquired in 1966 from the Urban Renewal Agency, has exposed aggregate walks and play areas, contemporary play equipment, tree grouping and sand play areas in a rolling terrain.

The play areas consist of a slide, swing set, sandboxes and concrete play forms.

From the city of Wichita’s website. As you can see it’s a little outdated.

What we did: First thing we noticed is that the city needs to update its pictures. Check out the one from the site. The concrete play forms and sandboxes are gone.

Replaced with what I thought was a rare modern jungle gym, that we will see again in another park. So not that rare, or a bizarre coincidence. The newer park has some cool equipment, and plenty of shade.

We check out a few of Wichita’s smallest parks.

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