Finlay Ross Park

September 16, 2018

#10 Finlay Ross Park – 123 W Douglas

Background: According to the city’s website, this park was aquired in 1970. It is named after Finlay Ross. A three term mayor in Wichita. He was mayor over the turn of the century and is credited with getting the land along the river front and the land that is now Riverside Park.

What we did: I always loved this park. It’s all cement, but has a fountain and a waterfall. One of the first kisses I got was in this park. It’s still a neat little spot in the middle of downtown, but as you can see, it is also a good place for the homeless people to cool down. I tried to avoid getting too close while taking my pictures out of respect to them.

Another Wichita visionary who knew the city was not just black and white.

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