I had to get a logo for our website

A quick story about the search for a logo for our site.

The time I insulted a legit TV legend

First time I met a legitimate tv legend, and I insult the man.

My weather guy ate a man’s head on live tv

Proving that anything can and will happen on live tv. My weather guy gleefully devoured a man’s head.

I started checking the supplies in my airplane seat back

The first thing I do when I get on a plane.

I had breakfast with a celebrity

I had breakfast with a celebrity, and he is still one of my favorites.

I channeled my best friend and started a short-lived movement

While standing in line for food I started a group boooing.

I played fetch with a movie icon

I had a number of celebrity sightings during my time in L.A. One particular star made my day as much as I think I did his….

I got rainbow colored toenails

Jeremy and I did a spa day. I celebrated pride in my own special way.

I went to the laundromat…

These are the people that you meet when your washing your duds…

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