I was down with a bad back and thankful for it…

A sick day at home, turns into a smoky mess.

A group of women prayed for me at the mall

I am thankful for a moment of fun and kindness at Bath & Body Works.

I lost my car keys at the cemetery

I was out taking pictures for this website, it turned out to be a painful lesson in karma.

I dreamed I was attacked by a drinking bird toy

An attack by a drinking bird turns into a trip down memory lane.

We tried the “Let’s Roam” App

Our first scavenger hunt in Wichita using the Let’s Roam app.

I met two legends in the same day

The day I met a legendary actor, a legendary comic and I guy that throws confetti

When I met Jeremy

Our 7th anniversary and a look back at nearly 17 years together.

I reviewed the best of 2021

A look back at the top ten stories on icintheict.com in 2021

A Buddy Brown Christmas

The Crockett Christmas has always made room for some cherished ornaments made by a family friend.

I decided to openly enjoy my guilty pleasures

I no longer have guilty pleasures, and neither should you.

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